It's important for you to know that even "minor" accidents often lead to major injuries. Have an examination performed by a trained specialist. The workers compensation insurance in most incidents will cover the cost. If you've experienced any work related accidents or injuries in the last few months, please call today to discuss your case. Our consultation might just change your life.

Injuries Not Taken care of, Are Like Cavities Left Unattended:

The more you ignore it, the more painful it gets!

Did you know many doctors do NOT specialize in spotting and treating accident victims' injuries? You wouldn't take your car to a dentist to get fixed, or go to a brain surgeon for legal advice. You should only deal with a clinic that specializes in traumatic injuries, people involved in "minor" accidents, and the like. Why? There are specific "hidden signs" that a non-specialist might easily overlook.

Most Chiropractors do not perform functional testing. I not only perform functional testing, I teach this important diagnostic tool to chiropractors.

Workers Compensation

My name is Dr. George K. Petruska. You have been involved in a very serious event. I have over 35 years experience treating hundreds of people who've been involved in work related injuries. I have helped them attain legal representation. Unfortunately, not all Attorneys are equal. Patients that sustained work related injuries are best represented by Workers Compensation Attorneys. I have testified as an expert in hundreds of Workers Compensation Cases.

Many thought their injuries were minor ... even non-existent. Only later did they discover they had received major, lifelong damage and trauma. Many people involved in work related injuries often experience even more devastating trauma ... often without even realizing it!

Your "minor" accident or injuries might turn into lifelong pain. Worst of all, all this is usually avoidable if you get early treatment. The longer you wait, often times the more damage your body incurs living with this trauma.

Have you been involved in a work related incident recently? Have you had a bad fall? Did you hurt yourself while on the job while performing your regular work requirements? If so, did you know you can get all your exams and treatment paid for, in most circumstances? Our staff will be able to help determine what your rights are when you call. Our office is a participating provider for many local company panels. Your company is requiremed under the Workers compensation act to provide a list of at least 6 providers. If your company’s list fails to include a Chiropractor, and you suffer a work related injury for which Chiropractic treatment is appropriate, then you can seek immediate care at our office and have it paid for by your company’s workers compensation insurer. Upon request we will provide you with a legal consultation. 

I don't know why you initially called us. Maybe you've experienced a work related injury. You called us for a particular reason. My clinic can help you get successful treatment, OR even if you feel "fine"', you'll finally discover that everything's okay once you have an examination.

Even if you've already been examined by a trained professional, they may not have performed Funtional Testing. I wrote this to shed light on why most "Minor" accidents and injuries turn into major problems later, if functional testing is not included in the inital evaluation and the injured worker is not treated immediately. The sooner the threatment the greater the chance of a favorable outcome.

Why have I done this? It's simple: I know right now you might be in pain or wondering if you've experienced trauma in your work related incident. But you might be afraid to visit a panel doctor, or weren't sure what to do as the next step. I've dealt with hundreds of patients with questions, concerns, and fears similar to your own. Hopefully you look to me as your consultant and care giver during this period of your life. We've been very successful treating patients involved in every imaginable accident - from major to minor musculoskeletal injruies.

If your injuries are major, call me today, before reading the information below at 215-679-3419. If they seem minor or you feel like nothing's wrong, call us now to get an exam to insure no serious injuries have occurred. Why wouldn't you get it checked out? It can only help you.

It is the people with so-called "minor" injuries that scare me the most. They don't see their problem as urgent . You see, rarely do people do what's most important. Instead their lives are a rush of doing what's most urgent like a lab animal on the treadmill. If you don't see the need to come in and get a thorough examination from our clinic, you're doing what's most urgent to you ... not what's most important! 

Hopefully I can provide a little "positive nagging" and convince you about how serious this is. Also, I've been successful in treating many different health problems. I've had extensive post doctoral education and training, most importantly, I have over 33 years of experience getting people better.

If calling now sounds like something that's very important to do, I've made it incredibly easy. My staff will provide assistance.

You have two other easy options, if you're not ready to make an appointment:

1. Call 215-679-7229, and I will provide you a free consultation with a Workers Compensation Attorney. 

2. Call me directly at 215-679-3419 Fast! Quick! No-obligation! You'll get to ask my staff or I questions about your work related incident and/or injuries. Obviously no professional can give an acceptable opinion on your health problems without examining your in person. But this is another service I'll provide for you to introduce you to my services.

Sincerely yours,

George K. Petruska, D.C., D.A.C.R.B.