Chronic inflammation is being recognized more and more as the root cause of (modern) disease. Causing pain, fatigue, cognitive decline, and depression, chronic inflammation has reached epidemic proportions in industrialized nations. Managing inflammation on a long-term basis promotes healing and natural pain management. 


Only health care professionals are able to order from Anabolic Laboratories. 
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Quality of Products

1. The Anabolic Difference
2. “Pharmaceutical made” versus “pharmaceutical grade” nutritional products
3. Failure of pharmaceutical grade supplements to meet label claims
4. Pharmaceutical made nutritional products at Anabolic Laboratories

Company Information

What do you know about your supplement manufacturer?

At Anabolic Laboratories, we believe that it is important for you to know who is manufacturing nutritional products for you and your patients. To facilitate the understanding, health care practitioners are welcome to schedule a visit at our Irvine, CA and Colorado Springs, CO manufacturing facilities. Visualizing the manufacturing process in action is an experience that changes how doctors view nutritional supplements. Within the Quality Standards link at the bottom of every page, we have done our best to give you the feel of actually being in the laboratory and manufacturing plant.

About Anabolic Labs

Founded in 1924, Anabolic Laboratories is a pharmaceutical manufacturer of clinically dispensed nutritional products for the licensed health care professional.

As a United States federally regulated and inspected pharmaceutical manufacturer, their quality control, manufacturing, and quality assurance requirements are the most stringent in the world.

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